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“Ikusi nuenian zure bekokia” exposición de ANA ARSUAGA



Presentación ZINNERS


ANTI- Liburudenda, 20:30h.
C/ Dos de Mayo, 2. 48003 Bilbo.

Zinners release periodically a selection of works that vary in style, content and areas of exploration.

Zinners is an independent platform that aims to promote the work of artists who include publications as a part of their creative research.

Zinners offers the possibility of finding back issues of self-published items.

ZERO is the first selection of a serial of self-published works.In this issue we are proud to present Ines Garcia’s booklets through a set of images and videos selected by Zinners.

ONE is the second issue of ZINNERS, where we present Estanis Comella’s work through a personal ZINNER’s selection of images related to his work:
http://estanis2.tumblr.com/ http://fotolog.com/ecsoa


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